Use of Social Media in Education

It’s safe to say that very soon a lot of schools, universities and colleges will start using social media as an actual tool in the studying process.  Teenagers now grow up in an era of social media and instant messaging, and if schools neglect this reality – then they are just additionally distancing themselves from the pupils. Having social media included in the class would be a fantastic way of catching their attention and getting them involved. This article will be looking at some of the methods in which WE believe this to be achievable.

A lot of educational institutions are currently employing social media marketing productively as a method for getting new students. If they are getting it right, in that case they will be using it as a stand to discuss the good results of current students and possibly how the school is enhancing constantly. They could truly create a good picture for the school and enable parents to get a sense of how incredibly amazing they are.

Class blogs can be a fantastic idea. The concept is that every class have their particular blog that is maintained by the teacher but written by the students. Thus the student who creates the most interesting paper or essay on the subject of that week can have their work posted online to this class blog. That can give them a great sense of accomplishment and motivate the other pupils in the class to work more to gain blog publication. In order to take this one step further, a teacher can also include a friendly level of competition by getting classes contend.

People love online video media, teenagers love online video media – this cannot be denied seeing that YouTube is the world’s 3rd most visited website. Video ought to be used much more in education and if those videos were published to a class YouTube account, in that case the pupils could watch the video clips at home while doing the homework!

There is certainly an unseen barrier between teachers and their students, in most cases. The times are changing and this barrier isn’t really the best thing. Having every single teacher get their personal teacher Twitter account could take a big step into getting rid of some of the stones in that barrier. Teachers could publish lesson recaps, respond to homework queries, or even better, have pupils tweet what they have learned in a hundred and forty characters to the teacher account! That is going to enable the students to feel a lot more related to their teacher.

Classes which are addressing historical figures could use social media to truly enter the life of that individual. Teachers could have students make a Facebook account for this particular person. They can add all of their interests, passions, some status updates and so on. This is a lot of fun and simply a far better angle on learning about the well-known people of the history.

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